The society was formed with the intention to offer a helping hand to all suffering and needy people. Assistance in various forms like financial assistance for medical treatment, poor children’s education, marriage of girls from poor families, a home for homeless people, blood donation, promotion of organ donation, and many other ways that are the urgent need of the less privileged group of the society.

In addition to the above, the society supports community based rehabilitation for all types of disabled. The members of the society undertake visiting hospitals, hospices, homes for the mentally challenged, physically handicapped, old age homes, palliative care centers – Care for HIV, AIDS, TB, CVA, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other terminal illness. This will, of course, go a long way in imparting holistic health care to all irrespective of cast and creed.



Poor people among us face financial hardship to pursue the education of their children. In the absence of getting proper education these children will lack the opportunity to gain intellectual maturity, spiritual inspiration and social commitment, besides the difficulties which they will face in future to find a suitable job.


(Higher Educational Ladder Promoting Students) is a new charitable endeavour of the SHARE & CARE CHARITABLE SOCIETY to support financially the poor and the downtrodden so as to enable their children to pursue higher education.

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Many people among us suffer from serious illness. This includes conditions such as severe allergies, asthma, epilepsy, arthritis, diabetes, meningitis, kidney, liver or heart disease, illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. They do not have the required financial resources for their timely medical treatment and their conditions gets worsen.

“Sneha Santhwanam”

Medical Aid Scheme is one of the major philanthropic endeavours of the Share & Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha.

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It is one of the prime goals of Share & Care Charitable Society to help homeless people to have a home. We can find a number of homeless people sleeping in open Verandahs of hospitals and shops as well as in tree shades. They are badly in need of a shelter. The Share & Care Charitable Society makes all out efforts to help such people to have a shelter by working with like-minded people of the Society.

“Thala Chaykkan Oridam”

is one of the major philanthropic endeavours of the Share & Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha.

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