“Thala Chaykkan Oridam”

This is one of the altruistic projects visualized by the Share & Care Charitable Society to help the poor and homeless people among us, without considering their cast and creed. Under this Scheme, the Society find out such most deserving people, and for them the Society undertake construction of a small house of plinth area 400 sq.ft – 500 sq.ft, for them.


It is a dream of any individual to have a home of his own to live with his wife and children. However, it is also a fact that the poor people, particularly widows and people suffering from serious illness find it difficult to construct a house of theirs. Of course, at Government level, lot of programmes are being implemented to give assistance to poor people for house construction. Still, we have a number of homeless people around us who are facing extreme hardship to meet their expenses pertaining to children’s education and medical treatment of the family members. With a view to ensure that, everyone should have a shelter, the Share & Care Society undertook this project.


All the Religions teach us compassion and love towards our fellow-men, particularly the poor and the down-trodden. The Share & Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha, in its altruistic activities has undertook the mission of identifying, the poor and homeless people around us and support such people by constructing houses for them. When a section of the Society are leading Luxurious life, our conscience should necessarily reach the unavoidable basic need of the poor people among us, that is a small house/Shelter and Share & Care Society, is committed in its philanthropic endeavours to help the poor and needy in this regard.

Conditions for the Beneficiaries

  1. The applicants should possess at least 3 cent land of their own.
  2. Those who have a liveable home of their own need not apply for such a support from Share & Care Society.
  3. Homeless widows and people, who are suffering from serious illness, will certainly be given special consideration.
  4. The Share & Care Society does not wish the beneficiaries to involve in a sale deed /exchange deed of such a house constructed and given to them by the Society.
  5. The beneficiaries, who do not wish to have a media-coverage of such a support to them by the Society, may not apply for this.


The charitable minded people can become sponsors of this programme through becoming Associate Members of the Share & Care Charitable Society. Such persons can contribute Rs 10,000/- (ten thousand) or more for construction of a house for such homeless people. Details of the Sponsors as well as the beneficiaries will certainly be given in the web-site of the Share & Care Charitable Society, Kaipuzha.