“Sneha Santhwanam”

The Share and Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha, in its various endeavours to render support to the poor and suffering people under the “Sneha Santhwanam” (Healing Touch) Medical Scheme, find out poor people suffering from serious illness/injured in accidents/Physically handicapped and help them financially for their medical treatment. Every month, two such most deserving cases are considered by the Society (without any discrimination to caste and creed) and provide medical aid of Rs 10,000/- and Rs 5000/- respectively.


Through such contributions from the members of the Share & Care Society, people are to be convinced that the motto of altruism and compassion towards the poor and suffering people are still alive.


We can find a number of people around us suffering from serious diseases and physically handicapped because of serious injuries due to accidents and facing financial hardship for their medical treatment. Rendering financial help to such suffering people through this Scheme is felt necessary by the Share and Care Society.


  1. The disabled people who cannot look after themselves and their families due to serious accidents/diseases will only be considered under this scheme.
  2. While applications are submitted to the Share & Care Society for financial assistance under this scheme, the applications should be supported with a Medical Certificate issued by a Medical officer.
  3. When the representatives of Share & Care Society Visit such families for ascertaining the details given in the application, besides the information regarding the health condition of the suffering individual acts pertaining to the land owned by the family, condition of their house, family income from various sources should be provided to the facts finding committee.
  4. It is not necessary that all applicants should get the financial aid from the society. It depends upon various factors, including the number of applications, availability of funds etc.
  5. It is the prerogative of the Share & Care Society to finalise the most deserving cases.
  6. Names/details of those who are given Medical Aid would be published in the Share & Care Web-Site and Brochures. If someone has any objection to this, they may not apply for the financial assistance.


The charitable minded people can become sponsors of this programme through becoming Associate Members of the Share & Care Charitable Society. Such persons/Institutions can contribute Rs 5,000/- (five thousand), 10,000/- (ten thousand) or more for medical treatment of such suffering person. Details of the Sponsors as well as those who are given Medical Aid will certainly be given in the web-site of the Share & Care Charitable Society, Kaipuzha.