What Is 'HELPS (Higher Education Ladder Promoting Students)'?

‘HELPS’ is a new Charitable endeavour of the SHARE & CARE CHARITABLE SOCIETY with its Head Office at Kaipuzha, which functions as an institution and seems as an embodiment of charity, humanism and brotherhood for executing the charitable deeds for the deserving and needy in a different and exemplary manner. “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” -this famous quotation of great John Homes is the guiding principle and the source of this charitable society.

This institution functions as the source of solace and hope for the hopeless, downtrodden, people suffering from incurable disease, mental retardation and physical handicap by providing financial help to such people for educating their children and those children who become orphans after the death of their parents. In other words, this charitable venture is for providing higher education for the orphans and helpless children whose parents are unhealthy and unable to pursue the education of their children.

Functions of 'HELPS'?

To open up a new venue for financial help for the higher education of the orphans, destitute children whose parents cannot earn their livelihood due to ill health or physical handicap, HELPS provides new vistas and horizons of a new world of hope, in spite of their limitations leading to new dreams to be fulfilled.

Consequent to the strenuous effort, during the last three years of a group of people with the common motives of performing, charitable deeds out of their humanitarian outlook gave birth to this venture to serve the educational needs of children of ailing parents or families without an earning member who cannot earn for their livelihood owing to health problems.

The project of the ‘HELPS’ is intended to support financially the poor and the downtrodden so as to enable their children to pursue higher education and to become self-reliant and support their families by securing a job suitable to them, with the help of the financial aid provided by this charitable institution which imbibed its inspiration from the patronage of blessed Mother Teresa, the symbol of love and charity.

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Who are the beneficiaries of 'HELPS'

The beneficiaries of “HELPS’ are the children of those parents suffering from incurable diseases, incurably injured in accidents leading to broken health. Only one of the children of such parents with any of the above mentioned tragedies will be eligible for the financial help.

The Planning and Set-up HELPS

Imbibing the spirit of the quotation of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world “HELPS endeavors to enable one helpless child of any family with either of the parents with incurable disease or ill-health who cannot earn their livelihood, to pursue higher education. The educational help is provided for higher-education after their 12th standard to enable them to acquire specific skills for earning their livelihood.

With an objective to give financial help to such students every year an amount of Rs. 10,000/- ( rupees Ten thousand only) will be deposited in a bank as fixed deposit in Share and Care society’s Account and a sponsoring certificate will be given to such students every year till they complete their 12th class education and once such students complete their 12nd standard and get admission to any higher educational course the first installment of the financial help for education will provided to them

Sponsorship for 'HELPS'

In order to widen the scope of the activities, individuals or institutions/ Organizations can become sponsors as Associate Members, subject to the rules and regulations of this scheme within the frame- work of this organization for providing financial support to more students and families. Such sponsors, as Associate Members can contribute either Rs. 10,000/ -(Ten thousand only) per annum, or One lakh rupees ( Rs.1,00,000) at a stretch to the organization for the purpose of helping one such deserving student from one family.

Inauguration of the 'HELPS' SCHEME

On the occasion of celebrating the third anniversary of the SHARE & CARE CHARTITABLE SOCIETY to be held in May 2016, the inaugural function of providing financial Assistance to the first ten sponsored families/children for Higher Education as envisaged by this HELPS Scheme will be conducted.

Beneficiaries - HELPS Beneficiaries - SESS Sponsors - HELPS Sponsors - SESS

Structure of 'Helps'

In order to lead ‘HELPS’ and to formulate its policies, there is an Adhoc Committee led by the President and the Project Manager elected by this Organization. It will be the responsibility of this committee to select the deserving families/ children for this scheme and maintain proper records in this matter. Decisions of the committee in this regard will be final. The accounts of the HELPS Programme is subject to annual auditing.