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General Body Meeting – March 2015

The March General Body meeting of the Society was assembled at the residence of Shri Aji Joseph Kannalayil on 15th March 2015, under the Chairmanship of Shri Shaji Kannalayil, President of Share & Care Charitable Society. After the welcome s...


Free High School English Grammar Classes

The Share and Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha organized Summer- English Grammar Classes for High School students for one month commencing from 22nd April 2015 in St. George’s High School Kaipuzha. The classes are conducted by Shri K J Jose K...


Family Tour 2015 – Wagamon Hills

A family tour Programme was organized by the Share & Care Charitable Society on 14th April 2015 to Wagamon Hills which is about 65Kms from Kottayam. Total numbers of persons participated in this programme was 105, including ladies and children...


Happy Easter!

On the eve of Easter, all members of the Share & Care Charitable Society Kaipuzha convey their greetings and Best wishes to all. Easter is the festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, after his crucification and b...


Shelter for the homeless – 2015

In the General Body Meeting of the SHARE & CARE Charitable Society held on 15th February 2015, it was decided to construct a new house during the year 2015 for the family of Gopalan Vaidyar, Vanchiyil, Kaipuzha who is suffering from extreme fin...


General Body Meeting – February 2015

The G.B. Meeting was held on 15th February 2015 at the residence of Cyriac P. S. Pullattukalayil. After passing the minutes of the meeting of January 2015 and accounts of the month, following were the points discussed in the meeting: 1.The C...


General Body Meeting – January 2015

The G.B. Meeting was held at the residence of T.I. Luka Thannichuvattil on 18th January 2015 under the Chairmanship of President of the Society. Luka Thannichuvattil welcomed all members to the meeting. Then, minutes of the previous G.B. Meetin...


General Body Meeting – December 2014

The G.B. Meeting was held on 21st December 2014 in the residence of Babu Philip Puliamparambil. At 7:00 P.M. with an opening prayer the meeting commenced. Before discussing any points in the meeting, condolence was paid by all the members on th...


General Body Meeting – November 2014

The November General Body Meeting was held at the residence of Roy Kottayarikil. At the onset of the meeting all the members expressed condolence on the death of father of Babu Kalambukatte. Thereafter, minutes of the meeting and accounts of t...


General Body Meeting – October 2014

The October General Body meeting of the Society was assembled at the residence of Mathew Stephen Meenadathumparambil on 19th October 2014, under the Chairmanship of Shri Shaji Kannalayil, President of Share & Care Charitable Society. After t...


Associate Membership

The Share & Care Charitable Society has been formulated with its 72 like-minded members with the motto of concentrating on altruistic acts of compassion towards the suffering people around us. We wish you also to extend your co-operation in our...


Onam Celebration - 2014

The Onam Celebration-2014 of the Share & Care Charitable Society was held in the St. Thomas Asylum Kaipuzha, on 6th September 2014 with a view to associate the inmates of the Asylum in the various events, and the Onam feast arranged by the Soci...

Hardships of the poor due to menace of corruption

K.J.Jose Kannala

A very large section of the population of our country is living below the poverty line even after 67 years of Independence. The authorities concerned are not able to provide even the basic facilities to the poor people due to one reason or the other. Growth of economy of the country and nation-building has been tarnished, particularly, because of a large number of scams which we have witnessed in the recent past. Corrupt practices by the people in the political field as well as in the bureaucracy had been on an increase. Many of them have a tendency to accept bribe for materializing any task including for getting employment opportunities by the people. Same is the case with regard to non-payment of taxes by the business-men and corporate giants. Some of the people maintain their bank accounts in foreign countries to deposit their black money which is unaccounted here, thereby they avoid tax-payment. Lack of honesty is spreading among the people like an epidemic. Similar is the corrupt practices in the Medical and educational field. Lack of transparency in the hospital administration including Doctor’s advice for expensive Scanning and Lab tests, which may not be essentially required in several cases. Poor people find it difficult to bear the expenses of those tests, but some doctors may have ulterior motives in directing the people for such tests. Similarly in Educational field, donation amount being demanded by various Institutes for admission to different courses of studies is so high that the common man cannot send their children for higher education. Corruption detected recently in M.P. Professional Examination Board is an eye-opener for all of us. The above issues need to be pondered over and urgent remedial measures are to be taken by the concerned authorities. Also the mind-set of the people needs to be changed and honesty and transparency should be made the most important ingredients in their day to day dealings and we all should make our motto “ Live and Let-Live”.